Stephen D. Lalonde

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About me...

 I was born in Ellensburg, Washington. I lived in Yakima, Washington until I was 10, then moved to Ashland, Oregon for two years, and then to Washtucna, Washington until I graduated from high school. I consider myself to be from Washtucna as those were my most formative years.
MUSIC: Both of my parents were music teachers and consequently music has always been a major element of my life. I started a dance band in high school called The Brass Knights which was patterned after the then popular Tijuana Brass. I played trumpet in that band. Later I played rhythm guitar and sang lead vocals in a couple of rock bands.
SCOUTING: I joined Boy Scouts while living in Ashland, and continued with Scouting through high school. I did not get all the way to Eagle Scout (lacking the project and a few merit badges), and that drove my decision later in life to become a professional Scouter for four years. I did, however, earn the God and Country Award which helped define my spiritual beliefs.
EDUCATION: I was less than a stellar student in high school as I intended to become a professional musician and didn't see the need to study. That changed when I went to college in 1968 at Eastern Washington State College (now Eastern Washington University.) 
   I met my future wife in the first week of school and proposed to her nine days after I met her. We have been married since September 6, 1970. 
   I wound up as an Education Major with English Literature as my major subject and Drama as my minor. I began teaching in Glenwood, Washington in 1972 where I taught English, Psychology, Electronics, and Journalism (including advisor to the newspaper and yearbook.) I also coached Baseball and Volleyball, produced two drama productions each year, and was a substitute bus driver. 
   I left teaching in 1975, moving to Spokane, Washington, and spent the next five years in the automotive industry as a mechanic, machinist, franchise agent and car salesman. Then I spent four years as a District Executive and Exploring Executive with Scouting.
   In 1984 I went back to teaching at University High School, in Spokane valley, and taught there for 26 years. I taught primarily Classical Mythology and Media Production. The Media Production classes grew to become a prominent part of my teaching activities with the program growing to become nationally recognized. 
   I earned my Master in Education in 1988 at Eastern Washington University. I was also very active in the Central Valley Education Association and the Washington Education Association serving on the WEA Board of Directors for four years and the Executive Committee for one of those years. I was President of the CVEA (a full time position) for four years from 2010 to 2014 at which time I retired.
During the years spent in education I was fortunate enough to be awarded the following:
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society
  • Technology and Learning Magazine's Washington State Technology Teacher of the Year 1998
  • Apple Distinguished Educator
  • Pathways Pacesetter Award
  • US WEST/WEA Teacher Network Cadre Member 1996
  • Washington State Christa Mc Auliffe Award for Excellence in Education
Educational Degrees
Master in Education, Eastern Washington University, 1988
National Executive Institute, Arlington Texas, 1984
Master Course in Electronic Communications, National Technical Schools, 1976
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Eastern Washington State College, 1972
WRITING: I have been published and am pursuing that much more in my retirement. To date my credits include (unpaid) a newspaper column, some poetry, (paid) magazine articles (both print media and online).
Publications (paid)
  • Viable Vision Video Production, The Well-Connected Educator, The Global Schoolhouse ezine, 1996
  • The goddess Athena (webpage), Athena Website, NASA/WEdnet, 1997
  • Radio Waves and Video Clips (Chapter), Teaching with Technology, NEA Professional Library, 1999
  • A Low Cost Code Key, QST magazine, September 2006
  • A PALETTE OF VERSE (Book of 51 poems)
  • THE PHOENIX GIFT (a novel)
  • SINON OF KIRRA (an historical novel - Ancient Greece)
  • ANISSI (a prequel and sequel to SINON OF KIRRA and MENTU THE NUBIAN)
WOODWORKING: I have enjoyed woodworking since taking shop classes in high school. I have a large workshop now and I am posting examples of my recent work on the photo album page of this site. Some of my projects are for sale.
AMATEUR RADIO: I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1970. I currently hold an Advanced Class license, WA7WKX. I will be getting much more active in retirement, but have been handling message traffic for many years as well as participating in community support activities. During my years of teaching, I mentored 96 students who earned a total of 116 FCC Amateur Radio  Licenses.
SWIMMING: I have always loved being in the water and swimming is another of my major activities. I love to do distance swimming. I swam a total of 520 miles in 2019, and I was ahead of schedule on making 600 miles in 2020 before Covid shut that down. I only got 242 miles in 2020.  I spent several summers as a lifeguard, BSA Camp waterfront director and swimming instructor.
EMPLOYMENT: Over the years I have been employed as a field worker, truck driver, combine driver, lifeguard, teacher, Scouting Executive, mechanic, machinist, car salesman, franchise agent and union president. I have also made money as a musician, writer and woodworker.

To contact me...

My email address is I welcome appropriate emails concerning the contents of this website. I do not wish to receive any kind of solicitation for products, services or events.