Stephen D. Lalonde

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 I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1970. My Novice class call was WN7QLF. I operated for two years using Morse code for hundreds of contacts. I got my General Class license in 1973. I currently hold an Advanced Class license, WA7WKX. I will be getting much more active in retirement, but have been handling message traffic for many years as well as participating in community support activities. During my years of teaching, I mentored 96 students who earned a total of 116 FCC Amateur Radio  Licenses.

I am a long-time member of the Washington Amateur Radio Traffic System,  the Columbia Basin Net, and the Northwest Single Sideband Net. I am a charter member (# 22) of the Northwest Country Cousins Net.

This is the right side of the new eight foot console with a four foot magazine shelf wing. Plenty of room for more QST magazines.

This is the station as it was for over 20 years. I have an ICOM 718 Transceiver feeding any of three antennas; 75 meter dipole, 40 meter dipole, or a TH7DX Beam. I also have a 2 meter rig working into a simple 1/4 wave vertical.

This is the left side of the new eight foot console. Room for a couple more radios.