Stephen D. Lalonde

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ANISSI is a book that is part prequel and part sequel to my marginally historical novels, SINON OF KIRRA and MENTU THE NUBIAN. This book begins with the childhood of Mentu's mother, Anissi and follows her through her revenge against the Egyptians who destroyed her village, the search for her stolen son, and to adventures beyond her reuniting with him.

With her throughout, are the two girls, Duwana and Amaros, who saved her life after the attack on the village. Together with Anissi, they become warriors and travel throughout the Mediterranean searching for her son, Mentu.


I will kill them; all of them.

The Nile is but a single tear compared to the oceans of my anger. They came swiftly into our little village. They stopped my husband before he could reach his bow. I could hear him calling me from outside of our hut. Then I heard the sickening thud of his body slapping the ground like an antelope when it is pierced by an arrow. Two men ripped my son from my arms. I could hear his screams over my own as they took him out of the hut and away from my life. Then three of them beat me and raped me. I fought, screamed, cried, and gouged with what nails I had left until one of them stabbed me and left me for dead. I lie on the dusty floor of the hut as they set fire to it. There was no sound left in my raw throat. As my hut burned around me, I could hear feet pounding the earth as they fled as quickly as they had come. My vision ceased.

When next I struggled to open my eyes, two girls, not yet women, were dragging me out of the smoldering ashes of the hut. Their wide-open eyes were dripping terror as they kept darting glances to be sure none of the attackers were returning. They pulled me beyond the village to some bushes and fell to the ground. Tears rained from their faces as they whispered to each other and kept peeking back at what was left of the village that had been their home.