Stephen D. Lalonde

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ANISSI reviews

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I have read all your books and think your writing gets better with each book.  The stories are all enjoyable and you get to know the characters very well.  I am always sad when the story ends and look forward to the next one.  So keep me posted!

Great book Steve. I have enjoyed your growth as an author and look forward to your next novel.

Once again, Stephen Lalonde has astonished and captivated us with his extraordinary knowledge of history, geography, and Greek mythology in his latest novel Anissi. I was struck by the powerful use of language in Anissi that paints a portrait of classical times along the Nile River and Greek Islands. I was especially impressed by the strength of the title character, with the true warrior spirit of a mother, shining a light on women in history that is far too often left in the dark. A truly enjoyable read!

…I’ve ….decided to read Stephen Lalonde’s new book, “Anissi.” I’m about half way through. I highly recommend it. His writing transports me as though I am present on the sailing ships and small port towns of hundreds of years ago. The character development continues from previous books. If I didn’t know better I would think this was his life’s work, but no, he’s an educator, builder, craftsman extraordinaire and true jack of all trades.

"Annissi" is a novel rich with Greek geography and nomenclature. It's characters are kind, likeable people the reader comes to care about as we follow them through their adventures and interactions. As with Mr. Lalonde's previous novels, there is a wealth of Greek mythology mixed in with the story as a further means of acquainting oneself with that particular culture. Instructional, but in a very fun way!

I finished Anissi and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it!  You’ve created a character in Anissi that is so realistic I could almost believe I knew her.  At the end I was surprised ... (omitted for spoiler). Your writing is getting better and better with each book you write.  I can’t wait for the next one!

ANISSI is an adventure like no other.  Stephen Lalonde is a scholar of Greek history and mythology.  He takes us through Nubia, Egypt and Greece with historical accuracy.  We learn about slavery in the ancient world, and how shipping worked on the trade routes.  Stephen’s book is loaded with thought provoking personal dilemmas, loyalty, and redemption.  You will come to love his characters, many of whom appear in the previous two books SINON OF KIRRA and MENTU THE NUBIAN.  This story will capture your imagination where the ancient world comes alive.

Anissi invites us into a world far removed from our own, with foreign geography and way of life overlaying our familiarity with its ancient wind off the Black Sea. This story continues the journey of Mentu the Nubian in his search for his mother he lost when he was a boy. This time, the huntress is Mentu's mother, Anissi, whose intent in finding Mentu is as strong as the bow by which she survives. Between the covers of this book there can be found characters who portray the human condition in all its gore and glory. There in the ships and taverns, among thieves and heroes, lies the journey of two people in their search for each other. Written with the flare of Greek mythology in this world of long ago, Stephen Lalonde has charted the migration and adventure of this searching sojourn of Anissi and Mentu, of mother and son.