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Where Does the Joy Come From?

Posted on June 20, 2022 at 4:10 PM

What is it about writing that pleases me so much? I am thinking that there are characters in my head that have stories that need to be told. Part of it is that when I am creating, my life has more purpose than when I am not. In one sense it seems to delay my mortality, both because I am busy creating and because what I am creating will live on beyond me.

The ancient Greeks thought that if their name lived on among future generations, that was a form of immortality. Achilles chose that fame over a long life. In a way the Greeks were right, for his name and the names of countless other Greek heroes live on today. Even Protesilaus, whose only claim to fame was voluntarily becoming the first Greek to die in the Trojan war, lives on through his name.

But my joy in writing goes beyond all of that. There are many reasons I love to write and I will share more of them in future blogs.


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