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Mentu the Nubian reviews

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Mentu transported me back to ancient Greece on a glorious trip.  Mentu grew from young man, to seasoned captain with many adventures along way, as he searched for his long-lost mother. Stephen brought his main characters to life, and I found myself rooting for them and their individual stories. I looked forward to each new chapter.   I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read his next book!    Great Read!

Mentu the Nubian transports the reader to ancient Greece and the Mediterranean. You quickly become immersed in its seafaring culture as you accompany Mentu, a newly-freed slave, who is now captain of his own ship. The daily tasks required and the dangers encountered as you travel from port to port become second nature. You develop a new vocabulary as you learn about trade and social norms among the many different cities they visit. You listen to Greek myths told as the evening’s entertainment aboard ship, and come to understand how these tales permeate the way the crew thinks about the world. Along the way, you become caught up in Mentu’s search for his mother and his companion Sinon’s search for his true love, hoping they can defeat the time and distance separating them. 

I loved reading Mentu the Nubian. It was a great sequel to Sinon of Kirra, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. Mentu was a tale of adventure, brotherhood, commitment and resolve. It was very interesting how the author was able to tie in one of his personal interests; Greek mythology through his character, Strymon. Could be we might see a future story diving deeper into this character.

Just wanted to let you know that I finished reading Mentu recently! I hadn't had the opportunity to read the earlier books, but it was easy enough to jump in. It was interesting to read about an era and a place I don't know much about. I've always meant to read up more on Greek mythology - it was cool to see some of it woven into your book; it made me want to finally open the mythology book I've been toting around for a few years.

Hi Steve! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book about Mentu and his relationship and travels with Sinon. It was informative and held my interest through the whole book. I am looking forward to your next book!!

Mentu the Nubian was another fun read. It centers on Mentu’s coming of age in a complex and interesting way that enriched this adventure story. It seamlessly took up where Sinon of Kirra left off and rounded out the tale of these two friends in a satisfying way. Once again, the writing was engaging and really draws the reader into the story with well-researched settings and details. As with Sinon of Kirra, I really enjoyed the interspersed re-tellings of stories from Greek mythology throughout the main narrative!

I read first “Sinon of Kirra,” and then right away, “Mentu the Nubian.” Both Sinon and Mentu are characters you care about and I just had to find out what happens to them as they each go through their own coming of age experience. Author Steve Lalonde has conceived his characters with insight and care, and his own growth as a writer is evident through the course of the two books, with characters becoming more three dimensional and dialog becoming more engaging. I especially enjoyed the insertion of Greek mythology and the inclusion of thoroughly researched social customs and terms. Well done!

Thoroughly enjoyed MENTU. From start to finish there is continuous movement and adventures. I liked the characters and the way things were done is so interesting. I love the subtle education inherent in historical novels.

"Mentu, the Nubian" is a good read, from start to finish. Perhaps the most compelling thing, besides the endearing characters themselves, is the vast knowledge of Greek mythology imparted by a secondary character within the novel, who tells these (often grusome) tales to the primary characters during their travels together. I was glad that I had first read the pre-story novel, "Sinon of Kirra" first, so I already had some knowledge of people and places revisited in this book. A quick, but engaging read for teens and adults, for sure!

‘Mentu’ is a great read.  The story takes off from ‘Sinon of Kirra’ and continues with Mentu, Sinon’s friend and previous servant.  Inspired by Greek mythology, tales are told of Gods and men. The adventures of Mentu and his crew are vividly compelling. The reader will become acquainted with more Greek legends and heros.  All the while Mentu becomes a deeper and dearer hero himself.  ‘Mentu’ is the ‘Robinson Crusoe’ of the ancient past.

This novel picks up the torch of Sinon of Kirra and carries it into a place of adventure beyond the boundaries of Kirra. It offered me the detailed feeling of being on the sea, at the ports of villages, among the bold journeymen who set the sails and drank the ales. Full of quest and encounter, the two main characters' friendship carries them far and brings them together as they each seek, and grow and change. Lots of atmosphere of place and time, challenge and adventure. Enjoyed the voyage!I 

I just finished “Mentu The Nubian” which in my opinion shows your growth as a writer. Great job and I look forward to reading your next book.