Stephen D. Lalonde

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I have launched a monthly newsletter that will focus on the research that goes beyond that which is actually reflected in my books - SINON OF KIRRA, MENTU THE NUBIAN and ANISSI. The topics will be diverse and will range from broad to very focused. The research is generally around Ancient Greece, Egypt and Kush (Nubia) (ca. 600 BCE). It will be sent as a pdf attached to an email. If you would like to receive this newsletter, send your name and email address to: Cancel any time.

Email me to purchase books, bowls, goblets, tap handles etc. Pandemic limits my marketing delivery to mail, UPS and Fedex. My email:


Click button below to go to excerpt from Chapter 5 of MENTU THE NUBIAN.

This book is now available directly from me. SINON OF KIRRA. The Oracle of Delphi sends Sinon and his servant, Mentu, on a journey across the known world to retrieve an item described in ancient legends.See sample link below. If you want a copy email me:

Sample chapter. SINON OF KIRRA...

is my newest novel. It is an historical fiction taking place in Ancient Greece in the 4th year of the 44th Olympiad (ca. 600 BCE). Sinon is a young man who goes to Delphi to ask of his future and is sent by the Oracle on an epic journey.

The button below takes you to a youtube video showing me making a rocker:

Swimming status: Since May 4 of 2017 I have been swimming for distance. I only count whole miles and have been doing 1 to 7 miles at a time. 

Update: 2019 goal was 500 miles. I made 520.

As of this date (10/7/2020) I have 245 miles for 2020 (1400 miles since starting on May 4, 2017). I wasn't been able to swim from 3/15/2020 until 6/23/2020 as MUV was closed for the Virus and my pool wasn't warm enough until then. I am suspending swimming for now. My pool is too cold and the fitness center pool is closed (and I won't go there again until covid is under control and there is a vaccine.)

The photo to the left was a gift from my youngest sister, Roseanne. It reflects my interests in music, Scouting, teaching, swimming, woodworking (a bowl I turned MANY years ago), electronics (radio operating), and my love of tuna fish as my summer staple.

A collection of 51 poems selected from four decades of playing with words. 


Mary doesn’t realize at first that she is a rebel looking for a cause. Her teenage daughter and son don’t need as much of her time so she takes on the regular visit to her father-in-law who has advanced cancer and Altzheimer’s. When she realizes that he is going to die with no significant memory of living she decides to research his life in an effort to give it back to him before he passes. In the process Mary discovers something that changes her life.

This book went into a second printing with a new cover. Special thanks to Mara Stockton Wang for the new Phoenix artwork.

My updated amateur radio station.